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In order to participate in Intermediate Courses, students must complete specified prerequisites and demonstrate a commitment to their craft.

Image by Jon Tyson

Intermediate Courses

Process 2: Intermediate Acting for the Camera

Here we solidify the techniques of interior work, continuing to eliminate indication to the point where it becomes habitual. This class is open to anyone who has completed Process 1.

Prerequisites: Process 1, Script Analysis

Image Streaming 1: Personal Memories

This course explores your forgotten memories and dreams in order to inspire your creative center. You’ll learn to balance the relationship between your creative and cognitive mind and strengthen your intuitive sensibilities. The purpose of this technique is not to rely on your past for performance, but rather to demonstrate that emotion lies dormant beneath your memory. 

Prerequisites: Script Analysis, Process 1

Character Profiling: Building an Archetype - TO BE ANNOUNCED

The objective of Character Profiling is to create a deeply detailed ARCHETYPE that fits snuggly into the concept of the script, while holding a number of personality contradictions and complexities. This systematic approach begins with a thorough examination of the script from which we are able to concisely use Carl Jung’s list of ARCHETYPES to delve deeply into the interior life world of our character. We do not only use one ARCHETYPE to examine our character, but rather, we combine three related ARCHETYPES in order to add a deeper, more human profile of the person we will bring to life. This course follows Script Analysis in the Process. It is a creative hand-off from the ideas of the screenwriter who holds the story, to the actor who must bring the character to life.

Prerequisites: Script Analysis, Process 1, Process 2



This course will probe the details of character acquisition. We will focus on the voice and learn the principles of changing vocal placement, learning how to strengthen vocal flexibility and range. The goal is to create a language of voice and body, to understand the differences between our behavior and that of our character’s physical and vocal characteristics.

Prerequisites: Script Analysis, Process 1 & 2, Character Profiling

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