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There are no prerequisites required for Foundational Courses - All students are welcome to begin here! 

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Foundational Courses



Process 1: Acting for the Camera

Process 1 focuses on the elimination of all signs of indicated emotion. Here, we strip away our desire to please, to be good, to inject our own ego into our work, so that we can disappear and receive our character fully. Process 1 also hands you a series of steps that will eliminate bad camera technique. We “empty out” so that we can receive and begin to create the substructure for believable acting.

Sense Streaming

Building Our Sensory Muscles

Performance works best when it appears to be random and lifelike. The trick is for us to connect with the thing that is most obviously random - our environment - through our senses. We can hear it...we can smell it...we can touch it. But to do this requires us to dim our cognitive mind - not to cut it out - but to align it into a new relationship with the creative side of our brain. Sense Streaming is the act of receiving what is given to you by your senses and allowing what you receive to affect us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Script Analysis 

Upon receiving the sides for an audition, it is not unusual for an actor to be stricken with terror. The terror to please, to want, to have, causes us to extract the character and act out of context. We begin to make cognitive choices about the character that do not fulfill the obligations of the script, but rather the imposed obligation of our need to succeed - and thus we destroy our auditions. Script Analysis puts the story first by focusing on what is already there in the script and realigns the “part” we’re auditioning for back into its proper relationship with the “whole.”

Blocks and Fears 

Your Blocks and Fears have nothing to do with the character that you are trying to portray. The character is not us - it’s a different person with their own set of blocks and fears. It is our job as actors to put our personal terrors aside, and take up the motivations and triggers of the character we wish to create.This class explores the layers of blocks and fears that lie within the actor. You will learn to let down your guard, strengthen your impulses, reveal your true self, and leave space for a character to enter.

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