Jon Menick

Lead Mentor / Founder of SAC

Jon was a professional actor, writer and director in New York and L.A. for 35 years. He appeared in films with stars like Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bruce Willis, Cloris Leachman, Elijah Woods, David Oyelowo, Kate Mara, and Lily Tomlin among others, as well as guest starring on TV shows including “Night Court”, “Moonlighting,” Mel Brooks’ “Nutthouse,” “J.A.G.” “Murphy Brown” , Nashville” and “The Twilight Zone". In the mid-80’s, he was acknowledged as one of the most recognizable commercial talents by Ad Age Magazine.


 Some of his most notable campaigns were; Herb for BURGER KING, the “Same Old, Same Old” man for ARBY’S, Louie the Lip for RC COLA, the comic spokesman for MAZDA, ATT, NYNEX, IBM, DIMETAPP and SUBARU to name just a few.


Jon is a dedicated learner and teacher of acting. He was particularly influenced by two Mentors: John Stix, a founding  instructor at the Actor’s Studio in NY and Eric Morris in LA, who pioneered a breakthrough technique of Image-based work. Though Jon’s PROCESS has evolved beyond his influencers, and is directly focused on Film and Television acting, it’s roots are planted firmly into the emotional core of authentic responses in acting.


Relocating to Asheville, Jon opened Screen Artists Co-op in 2011. His goal was to share the skills he acquired with those who wished to take advantage of the burgeoning Film and TV industry in the Southeast Region. Starting with 16 students , the Co-op has grown into a bustling center where actors train and act in projects simultaneously.


Nine years ago, the Co-op was licensed to create an agency to represent our actors (Screen Artists Talent). The response to our dedicated actors from Casting Directors and Producers has been overwhelming and enormously fulfilling.