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Jono grew up loving movies. He has been acting since he was in high school with multiple stage performances & roles. As Thespian President, he was awarded a Theater scholarship to Eastern Tennessee State University. He quickly realized that he wanted to specialize in the screen industry after a few semesters and began to focus on the art of performing in front of a camera as well as the technical side of editing. 


Jono moved to Asheville, NC in 2009 and has been the Technical Director at Screen Artists Talent since 2016. He loves learning from Jon Menick and is also a member of the SAT agency, the Co-op, and a practitioner of The Process. Some of his favorite things are reading with actors, coaching scenes, creating reels, and editing audition tapes to make them the best they can be! 


Jono´s most recent work can be seen on the STARZ TV show "Heels". 


Script Analysis Jon Menick 2020

Dead Scripts Jon Menick 2019

Audition Process 2 Jon Menick 2018

Audition Commercial Jon Menick 2017

Audition Process 1Jon Menick 2016

Play Matt Burke/Dusty McKeelan 2015

He currently resides in Western North Carolina with his family where he can be close to the mountains yet centrally located to other major acting markets like Atlanta and Charlotte. In his free time, Jono enjoys playing guitar, exploring the outdoors, skating, and watching professional wrestling.