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Late Summer Short Course

Begins August 18th, 2020

Process 1: Acting for the Camera

Mon + Wed

Begin 9/21 for 4 weeks

4 pm - 6 pm



An advantage for any actor is to be able to create the impression of a believable performance while working in front of a camera. Since many taped auditions are shot in a close-up or medium close up, it is prudent to be able to hold your work in a still body. It is also important to be free of a plan so the audience witnesses the performance as though the character was living it in real-time. The camera techniques of a non-self-conscious actor who is free to connect are the challenges we confront in this class. Just the work one must do to control blinking is profound, much less the trust one must have to not indicate, but to rely on stillness and connection to carry the burden of understanding to the audience. This course has an immediate impact on Casting Directors' perception of our actor's screen savvy.

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