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Late Summer Short Course

Begins August 18th, 2020

Script Analysis


Begin 10/21 for 8 weeks

7 pm - 9 pm



Upon receiving the sides for an audition, it is not unusual for an actor to be stricken with fear. This fear to please, to want, to have, causes us to extract the character out of the context of the script before we understand the story. Consequently, we act out of context. We begin to make cognitive choices that do not fulfill the obligations of the script, but rather the imposed obligation of success. The Script Analysis course has an objective of short circuiting the tendency to scuttle our own work. Our aim is to be fully cognitive until we have carefully broken down the script and have done it without attachment to the character. In fact, we learn to become a script detective. Once achieving an intimate understanding of the material, we are free to fully immerse into our imagination and create choices that are grounded in our subconscious. The result is undeniably superior to the alternative.

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Begin 10/20 for 8 weeks

4 pm - 6 pm



This course will probe the details of character acquisition. We will focus on the voice and learn the principles of changing vocal placement, learning how to strengthen vocal flexibility and range. The second part of the class will work to break down the body through isolation, rotation and inclination. The goal is to create a language of voice and body to understand the differences between our behavior and that of our character’s physical and vocal characteristics.

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