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Spring Courses

Starting April 19th!

Script Analysis


10 weeks


7 pm - 9:30 pm



Upon receiving the sides for an audition, it is not unusual for an actor to be stricken with fear. This fear to please, to want, to have, causes us to extract the character out of the context of the script before we understand the story. Consequently, we act out of context. We begin to make cognitive choices that do not fulfill the obligations of the script, but rather the imposed obligation of success. The Script Analysis course has an objective of short circuiting the tendency to scuttle our own work. Our aim is to be fully cognitive until we have carefully broken down the script and have done it without attachment to the character. In fact, we learn to become a script detective. Once achieving an intimate understanding of the material, we are free to fully immerse into our imagination and create choices that are grounded in our subconscious. The result is undeniably superior to the alternative.

Character Profiling


10 weeks


7 pm - 9:30 pm



The objective of Character Profiling is to create a deeply detailed ARCHETYPE that fits snuggly into the concept of the script, while holding a number of personality contradictions and complexities. This systematic approach begins with a thorough examination of the script from which we are able to concisely use Carl Jung’s list of ARCHETYPES to delve deeply into the interior life world of our character. We do not only use one ARCHETYPE to examine our character, but rather, we combine three related ARCHETYPES in order to add a deeper, more human profile of the person we will bring to life. This course follows Script Analysis in the Process. It is a creative handoff from the ideas of the screenwriter who holds the story, to the actor who must bring the character to life.

Advanced Performance

Process - Part 2


10 weeks


7 pm - 9:30 pm



This course will combine all of the elements of The Process. Scenes will be assigned and each class will examine a different facet of The Actor’s Process one step at a time. First we will do a full Script Analysis, the next class will focus on a Character Profile, then work on Streaming to find the character’s inner life, finding an Icon to round out behaviors and finally bringing it to life in an audition.
Though this class runs for 10 weeks, we will continue perfecting the Process until we feel confident and consistent with this approach.

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