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Professional Screen Actor Training based in the methods of Jon Menick.

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Process 1 : Acting for the Camera

ONLINE via Zoom


Process 1 focuses on the elimination of all signs of indicated emotion. Here, we strip away our desire to please, to be good, to inject our own ego into our work, so that we can disappear and receive our character fully. Process 1 also hands you a series of steps that will eliminate bad camera technique. We “empty out” so that we can receive and begin to create the substructure for believable acting.

Image Streaming

ONLINE via Zoom


Image Streaming 1: Personal Memories:

This course explores your forgotten memories and dreams in order to inspire your creative center. You’ll learn to balance the relationship between your creative and cognitive mind and strengthen your intuitive sensibilities. The purpose of this technique is not to rely on your past for performance, but rather to demonstrate that emotion lies dormant beneath your memory. 

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