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Audition Taping

Having your audition taped on a high-end camera, on a real sound stage, with clear, rich sound in addition to having a working actor reading off stage with you will give you a marked advantage over your competition.


The audition tape is paramount in booking work. Technical perfection must be achieved each and every time you submit your audition to an agent or casting director. At our studio, we strive to support your work and advance your career.

We will work one on one with you in our full-service studio to create an audition tape with an amazing performance and unmatched production values. A reader is always available but are welcome to bring your own.​

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The Headshot is an actor’s business card. This is a vital tool to have in your collection. We work to bring out the essential you into the photograph.

Our team has learned our lighting technique from Jon Menick’s unique process for head shots. Jon extensively studied lighting for film, in LA, under the tutelage of internationally renowned portrait photographer Christopher Voelker.

Although some shots are done outside, most of the shots in our studio where we use movie lighting with the same techniques that are employed in major motion pictures. 

We realize the importance of capturing the essence of each actor in their head shot. We will sit down with each person prior to the photography session, in order to develop their personal sell. 

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We offer full video editing services.


From grabbing clips to creating full demo reels or mock scenes, we can help improve your acting profiles with high quality video content. We also offer other digital editing services like coverage for live events, testimonial videos, color correction, sound design and more.


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Video Editing & Reels

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One-on-one in person or virtual coaching is available. We have various professional actors and mentors ready to coach you through even the toughest of auditions. 


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