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For the Professional Actor. In order to participate in Advanced Courses, students must successfully complete at least Script Analysis, Process 1, and Process 2, in addition to specified prerequisites.


Advanced Courses


Advanced Scene Study

The objective of this class is to integrate all of the steps in "The Process" for an audition. First, a full Script Analysis of a scene, then we will focus on a thorough Character Profile from which we will find an Icon to model behavior and their exterior characteristics. Finally, we begin the process of Streaming to discover the character's inner life. Our objective for this course is to provide additional opportunities for you to speed up the "The Process" for your audition. 

Prerequisites: All Beginner and Intermediate courses

Dead Scripts 

Each week, actors receive a script with only dialogue without ANY descriptions, actions, emotion, character breakdowns, or any of the Seven Obligations. Using only dialogue, actors practice creating the entire circumstance of the script with a partner. They will be filmed as they bring to life the Dead Scripts. This course will build the actors' confidence in using script analysis and acting fully to develop a living breathing world.

Prerequisites: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses

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