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Jono Kirk

Technical Director & Mentor
Jono Kirk.jpg

Jono loves movies. Growing up he would wear the VHS tapes out of his favorite comedies and then perform scenes from these movies in front of his family. That is where it all began...


Later, as Thespian President in high school, he was awarded a Theatre scholarship to East Tennessee State University. He quickly discovered that his passion was in screen acting and realized he needed to focus on the art of performing in front of the camera.


But where do you go to hone on-camera acting skills? It was late in 2015 that fate intervened in introducing Jono to Jon Menick and the Screen Artists Co-op. Since then he has been the Technical Director at the Co-op and has filmed and edited over 7.000 auditions for television and film!

Along the way, Jono has been able to fuel his own acting career while also lifting up others to put their best foot forward and get noticed by Casting Directors. He also teaches Acting for the Camera with Chris Malcolm and assist's with On Camera Practice classes each week.


Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

Favorite Scenes to Read: Courtroom/Legal

Favorite Actor: Jack Black

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