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Lauren Rivas

Lauren Rivas.jpeg

Lauren has been an actor nearly all her life- since the very moment she could walk she loved to entertain an audience. Her entire childhood and youth was spent in theatrical productions while her pursuit of a film career came later in life.  She has a bachelor's degree in theatre, but will proudly boast that she learned more about the art of storytelling in one year with Jon Menick than her entire college experience. Proudly, Lauren studied with Jon in the studio for 9 years, taking every class possible- and some of them twice. This long commitment to practicing the craft of acting allowed her to collect a small library of notes, all the teachings and tips from our founder himself. She is eager and excited to carry on his legacy and attempt to keep his specific and precise method of training alive. She has a professional background in the makeup and wardrobe departments as well as the on camera areas of the film industry. Lauren is a lover of all art forms, and is always excited to be on set in any capacity. 

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