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Mary McGahren

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Born the youngest of four in New Jersey to two native New Yorkers, Mary was a theater kid who grew up (mostly) in Asheville, NC. She started acting at age 5, performing in school and community theater, theater competition and an improv troupe, with her first professional theater job in high school. 

Once in college, she chose to study one of her other passions, English literature. Mary continued to pursue acting as a hobby, doing an occasional class, short film or live performance, returning to study in Boston at The Massachusetts College of Art. She has worked as a communications creative for many years, but has always been happiest when performing.

After art school, Mary returned to Asheville and decided to pursue acting seriously in 2010, when she met her beloved mentor Jon Menick and studied acting with him for close to a decade. With Jon and a handful of students, she helped create The Screen Artists Co-op as a place to experiment and produce. She and her fellow actors soon landed agents and began booking work all over the southeast, even making a short film that showed at many festivals, winning some awards. 


Mary has also studied voiceover and works as a professional voice actor as time allows; in 2019 she moved to NYC to continue to study and work while dodging a pandemic. She studied improv at Upright Citizens Brigade and briefly found a new artistic home at the T. Schreiber studio in NYC, but recently relocated to the Atlanta area to be closer to family.

A huge fan of the weird, dark and dramatic, some highlights have been: flirting loudly in a 1920’s dance hall for Chusy Haney-Jardin’s Born in Bristol, killing her father with a frying pan in the indie feature The Evil Inside Her, making out with a lizard for Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks, being directed for Discovery ID by respected horror director David Bruckner (as Douglas Berger), and working with Amy Brenneman on the show Tell Me Your Secrets.

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